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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Danish Ribbons licorice is coming back.

Hot off the press !

Have you been hunting for Danish Ribbons also known as Delfa Rolls ? Well the hunt is over. We are excited to announce that the yummy licorice will be returning soon.

These licorice rolls have been off the market for over 5 years, but will be returning the end of September. Through out the years these licorice treats have had a few names. Broadway Licorice, Danish Ribons and Delfa Rolls. They will be returning under the name Broadway Licorice rolls. Now if you think this is good news, wait there is more. Not only will these becoming back , but they will be available in Strawberry and Black Licorice!

Broadway licorice was a very popular candy way back in the 60's and have been missed by many. They are remembered by most as being a flat licorice that was tightly rolled, divided into four sections you could break off and eat. Similar to a licorice wheel.

Please check back often as we will be updating the information as it become available to us. Feel free to share your Danish Ribbon memories with us on our blog.


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