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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coal Christmas Candy

Making your list and checking twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice ?
If you are looking for a unique  Christmas Gift or a  stocking stuffer Idea we have just the thing for you.
Whether you are looking for on office exchange gift, gag gift, stocking stuffer idea or something from St. Nick,  candy coal is the way to go !

Were you ever told you were getting coal for Christmas ? How many times have you threaten your kids they were getting coal in their stockings this year ? 
Year after year I was told I was getting coal, but to my disappointment  my stocking never had any.

This year when checking your naughty list be sure to pick up some  fun  candy coal.
We have 3 different ones to choose from

Santa's coal bubble gum is our top seller for gag gifts  many employers purchase this fun candy for their employees. What is more perfect then a red sack full of tiny black pieces of fruit flavored bubble gum that looks like coal.

We also  have  milk chocolate  coal candy. You get a 1.25 oz  chunk of milk chocolate and it says right on the wrapper  

 " You Deserve A Lump Of Coal ". This will surely bring laughs and smiles to your gift recipients.
A great stocking stuffer idea for kids is our lumps of coal candy. You get a red mesh bag filled with candy coal. Each piece of chocolate is a double crisp candy and wrapped in black foil.

So this year when you are trying to find something unique for  family and friends or anyone one else on your naughty list don't forget the candy coal.


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