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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Candy Corn & Mellowcreme Halloween Candy

Although there is a variety of Halloween Treats available candy corn is the top selling non chocolate candy sold durning the Halloween season.

These sweet little treats in the shape of a kernel of corn first came out in the late 1800's. It was created by George Renninger from Wunderlee Candy Company.

The original Candy Corn has a yellow bottom , orange center and a white peak. Due to the huge success of these treats Indian Corn was also developed for those who like chocolate. Just like the the originals these have an orange center and a white peak, however the bottoms are chocolate.

The of course there are those little Candy Pumpkins. Made with the same recipe as the kernels of corn just shaped like a pumpkin. Although they taste the same as the candy corn, kids seem to favor the pumpkins. I guess to the youngsters it is just more fun to bit into these little guys.

For those who like them all and just can't make up their minds grab a bag of the Autumn Mix . This is a fun Halloween mix of all your favorite mellowcreme candies.
Candy Corn, Indian Corn and Candy Pumpkins.

Candy corn is perfect for filling your candy dishes with or the little snack packs make great halloween hand outs. It is also used for holiday baking, an add on to Halloween crafts and has also been used for Halloween Costumes.

So grab a bag of your favorite and enjoy the sweetness of the season.


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