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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Old Time Penny Candy

Penny candy where has it gone ? I think everyone's favorite childhood memories of penny candy, is walking down to your favorite corner candy store with only a nickel or a dime and walking out with a bag full of sweet treats.

I can remember walking into the candy store and just standing at the counter looking at all those glass jars lined up full of delicious sweet treats trying to decide on just which ones I was going to buy today. The candy was available in wrapped and unwrapped candies and they were always place in a white paper bag.

My favorite was the peanut butter and banana kits and the spikes. Do you remember the old time candy spikes ? They were about 3 inches long and about the size of a pencil and came in  fruit flavors similar to Jolly Ranchers. Jaw breakers, lemonheads and smarties were also favorites of mine.

Other popular penny candies were safe t pops, mary janes, candy cigarettes, salt water taffy, licorice twists, old fashioned lemon drops, bazooka bubble gum, marshmallow cones and those little wax bottles filled with kool aid.

All these fun nostalgic candies are still around and are being made fresh today. However they are no longer a penny, but just as tasty now as they were then. Retro Candy Online carries all your favorite candies from your childhood. Take a look at all our remember when candies. Buy it by the box of pick one of our retro candy baskets.

Oh those were the days what you would not do to get a penny. Now you see one laying on the ground and you walk right past it. Take a step back in time and reminisce. Share your favorite penny candy memories with us.