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Friday, October 7, 2011

Chocolate Eyeballs Candy

Eyeball candy is one of the most popular candy for Halloween. The come in many different chocolates to choose from and they can be found at Retro Candy Online.

The most popular are the googly eyes. Each round ball of chocolate is wrapped in a foil wrapper that looks just like a blood shot eye. These are filled with crispy rice candies giving them a nice crunch when you bite into them.

Then there is the creepy peepers fudge filled eyeballs. You get a chocolate candy shell filled with a creamy smooth fudge filling. These are a perfect treat for anyone who is a chocolate lover. These are also wrapped in an eyeball looking foil. These particular candy eyeballs seem to be the favorite amongst kids.

We can't forget about the peanut butter filled eyeballs. These are also one of the creepy peepers line. Just like peanut butter cups you get to great tastes in one eyeball. A chocolate candy shell filled with creamy peanut butter then wrapped in the foil eyeball wrapper.

No matter which chocolate eyeball you pick for Halloween they will disappear before you know it. These are made in the USA by Palmer candy company. Each bag is approx. 5 oz the amount of eyeballs vary from each style as the sizes of the eyeballs vary.

These are a perfect Halloween Candy to eat, hand out, use in your party favor bags, but also to use to decorate your home made treats. Seems like everyone likes to use candy pumpkins on top of cup cakes. These halloween eyeballs look so cute sitting on top of a cup cake and kids would rather get a chocolate candy then a candy pumpkin.

Retro candy online has a wide variety of Halloween candy to choose from just not chocolate. We also have caramel apple pops, pumpkin seeds, gummy bug and insects, gummy werewolves and vampires. Everything you need to make your Halloween sweet!

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