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Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Candy

Halloween is almost here, time to start getting your Halloween candy. But what to buy there are so many choices. Retro Candy Online has a great selection to choose from. Kids love getting all dressed up and walking from door to door and getting their sweet treats most of the time they are barely away from the door and already checking out what they received.

One of the most popular treats are the Reese's peanut butter pumpkins. No one can resist these chocolate and peanut butter shaped pumpkins. Sometimes I have to wonder though if the kids eat them or the parents. You can buy them by the box of 36 or buy just one which ever your sweet tooth is craving.

Gummy body parts are another favorite. You get can them in a bag or a coffin. Kids love these gross chewy treats. You get an assortment of gummy teeth, gummy fingers, gummy hands, gummy feet, gummy ears and eyeballs! Only kids would put a gummy ear or gummy eyeball in their mouth.

Now if you really want to gross someone out then you need to pick some boogers. Gummy boogers that is. Believe it or not they are actually pretty good. Each box of tangy gummy boogers come in 3 flavors; Snottermelon,Sour Green Boogy and Lemon Loogy, boogies that look and feel real!

A bit hit this year is our gummy rats. Not only do you get a cute little gummy rat, but he has already been captured in it own's cardboard trap. These are a strawberry gummy candy, but just the thought of biting in to one really turns me off. Each bag of rat traps has 25 individually wrapped rats.

Then of course we have the traditional classic Brach's Halloween candy corn. If you are looking for candy corn to hand out we have it in 70 count treat size bags, however if you want it just to eat or to add to you treats we also have it in a 22 oz bag. we also have Indian Corn, Candy Pumpkins or Autumn Mix.

These are just a few of our top sellers. There are so many Halloween candies to choose from. Halloween chocolates, gummies, hard candies and Halloween suckers. What ever you choose we are sure your little vampires, princesses or ghosts will enjoy them.

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