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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easter Baskets For Kids & Adults

Many think that Easter baskets are just for kids, however adults love receiving them also. What can be better then getting a basket full of nothing but sweet treats? When it comes to Easter candy there are so many yummy treats to choose from it is hard to pick just a few.

We have put together some great candy filled Easter baskets that will please anyone. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from. Some have nothing but Easter candy others have a mixture of Easter candy and retro candy.

This is one of our most popular Easter baskets it perfect for either kids or adults.
Some of the candy in this Easter basket includes a Hershey chocolate bunny, Reese's Peanut butter eggs, peeps, fudge filled bunnies. You get over 25 pieces.

Here is a perfect Easter Basket for Kids. This cute basket is stuffed with fun Easter candies that kids love. You will find a bag for sour patch jelly beans, a chocolate bunny sucker, an Easter Pez, Easter Peeps, chocolate bunnies, fudge filled bunnies just to name a few. Not only do you get all this great candy but you also get an Easter Toy.

This is a perfect Easter basket for adults. It has a mixture of retro candy from when you were a kid along with some Easter candy. Some of the candies you will get are marshmallow cone, hot dog gum, necco candy wafers, satellite wafers, an Easter pez, peeps, mini malted milk eggs and a plastic eggs filled with candy.

This is just a few of the fun Easter baskets we carry. Some are nothing but Easter Candy, some have a toy and some have a plush stuffed animal. They are all wrapped in a cellophane gift bag and a personalized gift message can be included. Shipped right to your door anywhere world wide. Please note that due to availability color and design of gift baskets may vary.

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